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Snelder: KIWA HortiQ BRL-8001 Zertifikat 2015-2024

HortiQ BRL 8001: Das Gütezeichen für Lieferanten im Gewächshausgartenbau

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=== PRESS RELEASE === Snelder BV - Zip Inn Screen

====  PRESS RELEASE ===================================

Presentation of new securing system for screen fabrics at GreenTech 2018.

The screen system supplier Snelder along with the greenhouse firm and screen specialist Bom Group,  will present a new securing system for screen fabrics at the GreenTech trade fair to be held in the RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam, from 12 to 14 June. Snelder will present the system at stand 12-622-E and Bom Group will present it at stand 08-108.

The Zip Inn Screen securing system for screen fabrics is a completely new method for installing screen fabrics in greenhouses. The use of a zip system on a reinforced fabric edge, in combination with specially designed profiles, means that the screen fabric no longer needs to be secured manually and can be fitted once all the construction work in the greenhouse has been completed. This means that the screen fabric remains almost 100% clean.

The new securing system allows screen fabrics to be installed quickly and safely. The fabric is fitted from a single stable location on the ground, instead of on an unstable driving platform up in the air.

The patented Zip Inn Screen system is in theory suitable for every screen fabric available from standard screen fabric suppliers.

For more information contact:

Click here for the brochure

Click here for the system animation

==== END OFF PRESS RELEASE ===========================

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